In this on-demand world, and with customers having so many dining options, it is vital for a restaurant to offer the convenience of online ordering directly on their website. Having this option increases customer satisfaction, boosts per-order revenue, and reduces costs from third-party apps.


No matter how big your space is, you are limited in how many people can serve just by the mere number of seats you have in your restaurants. But having an ordering system online opens you up to double or even triple your orders and cash flow, depending on how many orders you get.


Start Taking Orders Today

Start Taking Orders Today

When you’re taking orders by phone, it’s easy to misconstrue someone’s order. But with a built-in system for taking online orders, your customers can pick exactly what they want to order and you can see exactly what they want.

Increase Revenue

A recent study found restaurants using an online-ordering service were able to grow their takeout revenue by an average of 30%.

Improve Order Accuracy

One of the benefits of online ordering for restaurants is that the customer has greater control. When the customer has control, they feel greater clarity and understanding about their actions.

Expand Customer Base

To increase your customer base, it is necessary to stay in constant contact with potential and existing customers and the more value your business can offer, the more likely they will remain loyal.

Allows You to Customize on the Go


A system for online orders give you some incredible customization power. Right from the beginning, you can specify your menu options. But, if you have rotating specials, you can change your menu on the fly with a few clicks of a button. Or, say, if a particular item is not available one night, you can quickly go in and remove it from your online ordering menu.

Higher Customer Spend

Customers who order off of an actual menu might not see all of the options or extras that they can order. With an online order, however, they can see all their options. You can even show them specials and extras that they might otherwise miss, which often results in them spending more.

Cheaper for You

An online ordering system is something that you can set up that does a lot of the work for you. You no longer have to worry about having someone to pick up the phone or training someone in what is available for pickup or delivery.

Increases Customer Loyalty

As customers become more accustomed to an online ordering setup, they realize how easy it is to put in an order for their favorite dishes. After all, it cuts back on the time that they would spend getting ready and driving to your location. This ease of use builds loyalty in many customers, bringing them back time and time again.

Detailed Menu

Fully Customizable

Secure Check Out